Back on Top with Goliath at No Prep Kings Tulsa!

Take a ride with me and get a unique perspective on the action that might've not been possible before. For those who are more detail oriented and really curious about what's going on behind the scenes, this is an opportunity to dig deep with me and see the trials and tribulations that I go through before I am able to roll up to the line on race day. It certainly isn't as easy as rolling up, doing a burnout, and going wide open throttle, lol!

This time, though, you get nothing more than raw action and a lot of it! While being filled in and learning all that you can is definitely an interesting endeavor, sometimes. Simply listening in as these big tire no prep machines scream with all eight cylinders of glory.

This is definitely a "speakers up" kind of video for those who enjoy the sounds that these cars are capable of. During the video, not only do you get to see Goliath throw down but you also catch up as the car and I go up against a couple of familiar faces in Ryan Martin and Justin Swanstrom. I didn't add any commentary like normally to this one, but I sure hope you like it.

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