Daddy Dave vs Murder Nova, Dominator, Lil Country at NPK Ohio!

No Prep Kings (NPK) Ohio National Trail: We have grudge races, Great Eight races, Invitational, my struggles with Goliath, fan interactions, and plenty of behind the scenes to keep you entertained!

At No Prep Kings events, one absolutely never knows what they are going to run into. These no-prep events draw the biggest names in the business as there's some incredible competition happening out on the racing surface. During the outings, all competitors are doing their best to squeeze every last ounce of performance out of their rides that they can. Leaving anything on the table is a formula for big-time regret later on. Push it too far, though, and things can get dangerous as the no-prep surface is unforgiving for those trying to put down a little bit too much power too quickly.

Check-in with the footage below as I take you through the gamut, exposing you to every aspect of No Prep Kings Ohio.

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