Heres What Really Happened to Me At NPK Alabama!

As the No Prep Kings season was drawing to a close, I ran into a couple of difficulties that would cause me to slip down the standings quite a bit to the point where a championship wasn't looking like it was in the cards for Goliath and I. However, with two events left in the season, I sure as hell wasn't about to give up and just call it quits, even as I continued to face adversity.

This time, we head to NPK in Alabama to see what Goliath was going through at the time and you get to take a look at things from my perspective. I hope these sort of videos help to shed a new light on the things that you might not have seen.

Coming into the event, I was ready to roll with a fresh motor after dealing with some issues. For all intents and purposes, this probably should've meant that I would be clear sailing to a successful and issue-free race, at least when it comes to what's under the hood. However, as accidents happen, yet another engine issue would hold Goliath back from operating at its full potential due to a bit of human error.

Fortunately, it was pretty early on after a couple of grudge passes that the issue was discovered. It happened that the wrong intake valves got ordered and put into the heads that were currently on the new engine. However, after working through the weekend, the crew and I would get everything sorted out and use some backup heads to go to work when push came to shove for the eliminations.

By following along below, you get to check in with me to go for a ride with the vlog that takes us through the weekend from top to bottom. At the end of the day, sometimes, mistakes like this happen. When you have the perseverance and will to win like I do, though, you find where the good become the great.

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