I Suffered Catastrophic Engine Failure in Goliath

At some point or another, if you race for long enough, there's a good chance that you're going to end up breaking some things or everything. For those who are fortunate, the breakage will come few and far between and hopefully won't rack up the dollar signs that quickly.

However, if you're competing on Street Outlaws, when something breaks, there isn't a very good chance that it's going to be cheap to repair. Instead, most of the components of these cars put in place to lay down massive horsepower and are likely going to be something that would make most folks' eyes pop.

Unfortunately, the next one up to bat to deal with breakage is none other than me, LOL!  As I tell you, I am definitely not one that's going to take it easy on my components. Therefore, every once in a while, I really put a part through its paces to the point where it just can no longer function.

Most recently, the subject of discussion was at the heart of the build... Goliath. That's right, during the recent filming of Street Outlaws: America's List, I managed to push too far and grenade the engine. When an engine fails under the hood of one of these cars, it's something that nobody wants to deal with. However, there can definitely be a silver lining if the engine failure didn't take out a whole bunch of other things in the process.

Unfortunately for me, that simply wasn't the case as this particular engine failure ended up being one that did a substantial amount of damage given the situation. Down in the video below, I take you through the tear-down that shows the extent of the damage and what all is going to have to be replaced before Goliath can get out and race once again.

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