Is Goliath Broken? Daddy Dave vs Ryan Martin, Chuck & Murder Nova at NPK Brainerd

Those who have spent a considerable amount of time under the hood of a car know that sometimes troubleshooting can be a tough deal. This is the case on everything from a common street car all the way up to a complicated race car. Naturally, with a finely tuned machine like Goliath, there is a lot more going on that could possibly go wrong which could make getting to the bottom of an issue even bigger of a challenge.

Unfortunately, this was exactly the case that would drag me down for quite a period of time on the No Prep Kings circuit. Well, I was having great success when NPK hit New Hampshire and was the car to beat... This is where things started to go wrong.

During that event, I found some cracks in my Zoomie headers. From there, I sent the car to a fabricator to get the headers redone and get Goliath back together and ready for action.

It was during this time, though, in fabrication prep, I unhooked the battery and after the car was done being worked on, not everything got connected again. While taking full responsibility for the incident, one important wire was left off for my FuelTech Spark Box. While the ground wire wasn't necessary for the car to run, it was important for the car to operate at high rpm and under a high load. During these times, the motor essentially shut half of its cylinders off which caused a pretty big issue.

Follow me along as I explain to you how I had to fight hard for three events to get to the bottom of this issue. In the meanwhile, I was also dropping from third in points all the way to sixths and it drove me and my crew absolutely crazy.

Down in the video below, you'll learn just how challenging simple issues can get along with seeing the spread of bad luck in action at NPK Brainerd, thanks for watching!!

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