New LS Engine! Thompson motorsports powerplant for Street Outlaws OG 405 Show

Well the cat is out of the bag! Go behind the scenes with me so I can show you what I've been hard at work on. You're going to see exactly what I've been up to. I am building up the Monte Carlo for the new Street Outlaws OG 405 Show and it's going to be a blast. Let's just say I am going to spills the beans on exactly what is going to be done to the car. 

To the SS, the idea is to go with an LS-based ProCharged combination, so I teamed up with the crew over at Thompson Motorsports to build the new LS Engine that I'll be dropping into the Monte Carlo. 

We stopped by the shop to do a tour, check out the production facility, all the engines, parts, and process behind their operation and most importantly... Picking up the new winning engine ;) Also wanted to tell you a couple other fun facts, it's also getting a built turbo 400 transmission, air conditioning system, and more! Tons of build footage coming your way.

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