New Wheels for SECRET PROJECT! Took a Tour of RC Components with Jeff Lutz!

Talk about an incredible experience! I had to opportunity to head over to my sponsor RC Components to meet the entire team, do a tour of their amazing facility and see first hand how my new wheels for my secret project car are actually made. For those who have been around the block quite a few times, RC Components might be a name that seems relatively new and that's because it is. However, the brand's tendency to put out high-quality and visually appealing products have quickly grown them to become one of the top dogs in the world of racing wheels.

We frequently see the end product and don't think twice about how exactly it is that this product came together. However, after seeing the process for yourself, I think that many of us will gain a new appreciation for the wheels that sit beneath race cars sporting RC's wheels.

In the tour, you get to see how exactly it is a wheel goes from raw materials to the gorgeous finished product that we see on cars at tracks across the world. You also get some info about how the company started off as a motorcycle wheel brand and eventually built its racing presence to the point where about half of its business comes from drag racers nowadays. Lastly, we get to see just how quickly the turnaround is which kind of has me impressed. When including the likes of chroming and anodizing or whatever other finish one might want, it's impressive just how fast these wheels can be pumped out. 

 I guarantee you will really enjoy this, I never get the opportunity to go behind the scenes and see the blood, sweat, tears, and technology that go into making components I put on my race cars. This was so cool, thanks for watching! 

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