Unveiling The S10's Power During Dyno Session

As many Street Outlaws fans might have seen, I ended up getting into quite a serious predicament with his Goliath. During a race at the South Georgia rendition of No Prep Kings, the car ended up in the wall at the big end of the track.

Fortunately, while Goliath might not have looked too pretty of the time of the wreck, the damage actually wasn't  as bad as it looked. I immediately got to wrenching, attempting to get the car back up and going again to be in the thick of things as quickly as possible.

At this point in the timeline, it's looking like we have about three weeks left before Goliath makes its presence felt once again. In the meantime I broke out the s10  to flex some muscles 

in the No Prep Kings street car class. 

With a couple of updates to make sure the truck fit the rules along with a gear change to take this thing from highway monster to track monster, it should be just about ready to roll.

I take you along for the ride to put the final touches on the S10 at the one and only FuelTech. While tuning might be just a couple of taps of the keyboard away, it certainly proves to be one of the most important parts of pulling together a racing machine. In fact, it can take a good build and push it to "great" status!

Be sure to look out for more of my S10 in the daily driver class because as we know this thing is a beast!