Weighing The Scraped Rubber From The Bottom Of Goliath

If there's one thing that us Street Outlaws cars go through, it's tires.

At the end of the day, racing around the country on all sorts of different surfaces requires a good bit of meat underneath the car. That means spending the big bucks on making sure that we have the right rubber to get the job done, only to go and burn that rubber up in the heat of competition. It's naturally one of the most necessary evils when it comes to spending money on a race car.

While a good amount of the rubber ends up being laid down on the racing surface, there's a lot of it that goes other places as well. One of the struggles of owning a race car is trying to figure out how to dispose of all of the stray melted rubber that ends up stuck underneath the vehicle as well.

Tune in as I give you the rundown on exactly how much rubber ends up stuck under Goliath. In addition to showing you how I get all of the rubber out of the inner fenders and off of the car, I actually go ahead and weigh it, because everybody has been asking and is just down right curious about just how much weight this extra rubber might add.

Hope you enjoy this one, because it's definitely one of those neat behind-the-scenes videos that you're not going to want to miss.

"Ever wonder how much rubber builds up in the back of Goliath after all my big smokey burnouts? Well, today I'm going to show you where all the rubber builds up, how to get it off the car, and we will weigh it together to see just how much build-up there is after a few passes! Any guesses on weight? Comment down below before you watch the video."

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